When you first get married, there is likely to be a random mix of people thrown together on the guest list from both sides, but the beauty of a vow renewal ceremony is that there is less pressure and you’re free to invite only your nearest and dearest if that’s what you wish. In fact, lots of people don’t invite anyone!

“Remember that this isn’t a wedding, so you can invite whoever you want to share the occasion with you,” suggests Michael. “If you felt pressured into inviting certain people to your wedding, make sure that your vow renewal guest list is purely decided by the two of you.”

This should come as a sweet relief to couples who still have panicky flashbacks to the sleepless nights spent organising the wedding table plan. Or perhaps the naughty distant relative who broke one of the key wedding guest rules and wore white (you STILL haven’t forgiven them).

“There are no rules or conventions about who should and should not be invited, it really does depend on the couple and the circumstances,” advises Christina. “Some couples might even choose to have very few or no guests at all, particularly if they have been through a rough patch or are facing challenging times ahead due to ill health for example.”

Of course, you may even have new additions to your potential guest list if you’ve had children since your wedding! Take a look at our edit of wedding favours for children for some fun gift ideas you could present to them at the ceremony.