The good news is that you can hold your vow renewal ceremony pretty much anywhere you like! Many couples choose to hire a wedding venue to host their celebration if they have large numbers, but you can also renew your vows in a spot that has significance to you and your partner.


“As it’s not a legally binding ceremony, there are no licensing restrictions for renewing vows,” explains Christina. “However, if it is a public space, such as the park where you first met, you will need to check to see whether you require permission and whether there are rules about things like noise and alcohol consumption.”


If you originally had an outdoor wedding ceremony and want to relive this moment, you could even renew your vows in your own garden depending on the number of guests. Other romantic outdoor settings for a second ceremony could also be by a lake or a beach.

If you want to host a reception after the ceremony, then you totally should! It could be anything from a simple BBQ in your garden to a dinner as large and complex as a traditional reception.


There can be dancing, food and drinks, and you could even hire a photographer to capture the event. We love the idea of displaying your original wedding photographs at your reception to take your guests on a trip down memory lane!