There is no set dress code for renewing vows either – the occasion is yours to personalise as you wish and this extends to the dress code as well, as Michael explains: “You could wear formal clothes, evening dresses and suits, or even what you wore to your wedding. It’s also acceptable to go casual too. Just make sure you mention your dress code expectations in your invitations of course.”

If you had to stick to budget friendly wedding ideas on the original day because of tight finances or personal reasons, then a vow renewal ceremony could be the perfect chance to wear the elegant wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed of.

“I have two ceremonies coming up where the couples were legally married a year ago but, in both cases, their weddings had to be scaled right down due to personal reasons,” explains Christina. “A year later, they now want to celebrate in the way that they have always wanted. Because of this, both couples are opting to wear bridal gowns and suits.”