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Wedding Ceremonies

My ceremonies are Feckin Brilliant

 You are the master of your ceremony. Consider it a blank canvas upon which you wish to create a beautiful masterpiece. Or something. By expressing your everlasting love for each other in a special location of your choosing (e.g. a plush 5-star hotel, a dodgy 1-star pub, your Granny’s back garden… the possibilities really are endless) and guided throughout by an experienced and professional touch for detail and excellence, together we can make this masterpiece a beautiful reality. And I offer a personal guarantee that nobody… NOBODY… will fall asleep or leave to go to the bar during the ceremony. And yes, that includes me.


I think weddings are more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone when there’s a bit of fun involved. By meeting you both in person, I’ll get to know your story, your history, your quirks, your achievements, your hopes, your dreams, and of course, your darkest secrets. All Grade-A ceremony material. Trust me. I know about this stuff.

Tailored For You

Traditional ceremonies can often follow a similar pattern. Your ceremony should contain what you want and nothing more. Indoors or outdoors,  exchanging rings or exchanging tattoos, planting trees or inter-family tug-of-wars. Everyone is different. Express yourself. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

All About Marriage

​Ronan Kearney is all about marriage. So much so, that he even got married himself, and enjoyed the experience so much that he would not rule out doing so again in the near future. There’s no chance that this will be a boring, irrelevant or meaningless affair. No chance at all.

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